Isonoe has been manufacturing and supplying components for turntable conversions to professional users since 2004. After numerous requests, the decision was made to add the items to the standard Isonoe catalogue. 861E Tonearm is now a legacy product and there is no current replacement.

The current line of products is as follows:

Isonoe 861E Tonearm

The arm / tube assembly is manufactured to our specification by a famous fabricator in Japan. The arm is mounted via our unique CNC-machined stainless steel height-adjuster mechanism. As standard it comes with a silver-plated cable, terminated with Profi and 1877 connectors. Legacy Product: no current replacement.

Isonoe Jelco / Linn Adaptor Plate

This adaptor is unique amongst adaptors made for the SL1200 / 1210 in that, unlike its competitors (which are often crudely made from sheet metal bolted together), it is CNC-machined from a massive one-piece billet of magnesium alloy. It is designed for the Isonoe 861E arm, but will accommodate any 9-inch arm that has a Jelco or Linn-type mount

Isonoe SME-type Adaptor Plate

The SME adaptor is essentially the same as our Jelco adaptor, machined from a one-piece billet of magnesium alloy, but with SME type mountings. It provides the perfect partner for the SME 309 / Series 4 and 5 arms (which are also made from magnesium alloy)
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