External linear power supplies are a standard in noise-critical applications such as microphone preamplifiers and mastering studios. Two versions of Isonoe ‘LRPS’ are built to order for the Bozak CMA 10-2-DL-series and UREi 1620 mixer-preamplifiers. The reduction in noise offered to these units is dramatic and very noticeable, enabling the user to hear low-level information which would have previously been masked.

A typical Bozak CMA-10-2-DL-series with Isonoe LRPS improves its signal-to-noise ratio from 67 dB to 94 dB *. This puts the phono preamp noise performance on a par with modern hi-fi preamps

A UREi 1620 mixer-preamplifier fitted with Isonoe LRPS increases its maximum signal-to-noise ratio from 66.9 dB to 83 dB*
A version of LRPS can be supplied for turntables. This enables internal mains transformers (a source of electro-magnetic interference and mechanical vibration) to be kept away from sensitive cartridges and supplies a low-ripple, stable DC waveform to the turntable’s drive regulator.

Although power supplies are not the world’s most glamorous products, the LRPS is something which has brought real joy to its users. If every product we released gave its level of satisfaction, we would be very happy indeed.

* 20hz – 20khz / A-weighted / Phono Input to Master Output @ < 0.1% THD

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