A visit to any mastering facility will confirm that equalisers based around inductor-capacitor circuits remain the preferred choice of many award-winning engineers. Done correctly, this topology can offer an ‘elastic’ quality, whereby the user can apply large amounts of boost or cut, without the resulting sound becoming boxy or muddy (unlike with the vast majority of equalisers designed around IC-based active filters).

The Isonoe Programme Equaliser incorporates the following features:

  • 10 custom-wound inductors, utilising a core material selected via listening tests with recognised artists
  • Pure Class A, single-ended, discrete transistor amplification blocks
  • Transformer-balanced Input and Output, via transformers sourced from a famous British manufacturer
  • Each EQ is hand-wired via Mogami OFC and silver-plated / PTFE-insulated cable
  • Isonoe has been manufacturing its own designs of equalisers for respected clients since 2006. The latest version of equaliser represents many years of development, carefully selecting components and heeding advice from listening panels of music professionals

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