The Isonoe Isolator has been designed with transparency as a main objective. It is important to us that users of classic mixers can insert it and not have the mixer’s signature sound altered in any way. You would not think of a crossover in a mastering studio as tainting the sound, why should an isolator? It is identical technology and should use the same grade of circuitry.

Having evaluated numerous competitors via FFT analysis, we do not believe there is a frequency isolator on the market today which has such a flat frequency response (better than 0.2dB – 20-20KHz) or low harmonic distortion (<0.0004% @ 1KHz, Unity Gain).

The Isonoe Isolator achieves this performance on account of its 1% precision capacitors (we believe it is the only isolator on the market to utilise such close-tolerance capacitors) and Burr-Brown opamps, biased into Class A operation (unlike the outmoded TL07-series opamps seen in 99% of all isolators, which possess poor noise performance and aggressive odd-order distortion characteristics)

An isolator can be fitted with internal phono preamps, thus enabling the user to switch between Phono or Line operation

Two powering options are available: either from an internal power supply card, or from an Isonoe LRPS (which has two outputs, thus enabling an isolator and mixer such as UREi 1620 to be powered from one LRPS)

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